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Je ne sais quoi [ˌʒə nə sɛ ˈkwɑ] —
translated from French literally "I don't know what." In the art of the 18th century, this phrase was used in connection with inexpressible beauty in words - here the Russian epithet “inexplicable” would be appropriate. Behind it, the phrase hides a certain inexpressible essence of art, something vague and indefinite and is associated with the era of romanticism, when the artist, in pursuit of the emotional reaction of the viewer, strove for sensual, mystical mystery. The name Jenesaq has absorbed the inexplicable but has become shorter in order to be more utilitarian, like everything modern.


We design and create unique quality items that are durable and extend the life of the garment. All production takes place in Moscow. We take care of each person in the team, creating comfortable conditions for production and seamstresses. We carefully bring the fabrics for you from Tokyo. But we hope that soon the technologies of the Russian fabric market will master this technology for creating wear-resistant fabrics. In the meantime, all the best is collected in one collection for you and your individualization.

Our values

We care about the environment, so we have chosen high-tech fabrics for you, they contain natural fibers and recycled materials, as well as metalized thread, which allows you to change the shape and texture of the fabric yourself, depending on your mood. By buying one item, you cover multiple needs in your wardrobe. We are for a conscious choice, we are for quality. 

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